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BIM is the Irish State agency with responsibility for developing the Irish Sea Fishing and Aquaculture industries. BIM was established under the Sea Fisheries Act 1952.

The policies and programmes to pursue this mission are determined by the Board of BIM and are set out within the framework of the National Development Plan 2007 – 2013 ("NDP"), EU policies and available resources.

A primary objective of BIM policy is to expand the volume, quality and value of output from the seafish and aquaculture sectors. BIM’s approach is to focus on the opportunities for growth in these sectors while seeking to alleviate constraints that impede development.

BIM provides a range of services including advisory, financial, technical, marketing and training supports to all sectors of the Irish seafood industry. The four development divisions of BIM deliver these services through a number of integrated programmes. The programmes are funded from the Exchequer, the European Commission and charges for services.

One of the key roles of BIM is to promote awareness of careers within the seafood industry and to develop its human resources. We provide training in catching, fish farming and seafood processing.

Main Course Topics from Irish Sea Fisheries Board in Dun Laoghaire:

food safety, commercial fishing, aquaculture, marine engineering, seafood industry

FETAC, fishing, Marine engineering, commercial fishing, aquaculture, food safety, seafood industry

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