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Basket Weaving Date TBCStart: Oct 8 2010 - 10:00amEnd: Oct 8 2010 - 4:00pmTimezone: Etc/GMTBasket Weaving Presented by Cathy Hayden Cathy Hayden is a local basket weaver with over 20 years experience. We are delighted announce Cathy will be hosting one day courses in Dunhill Multi-Education Centre to teach the ancient skill of basket weaving with locally grown natural willow. Willow has been highly valued since ancient times and the Celts considered it sacred. This is a full day course dedicated to the art of traditional Irish basketry with natural willow, which is tailored to beginners. The aim of the course is to give as thorough an introduction as possible to making a basket, from making the base to finishing the border, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. There will also be information about growing a small willow bed. You will make and bring your own fruit or bread basket to bring home with you. I would advise beginners to first complete at least one round basket before going on ... (Training Available by Dunhill Multi-Education Centre) Basket Weaving

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