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Support Group & Understanding Spiritual Growth - Dublin

This monthly meeting is a safe place to give and receive support when needed on the journey of spiritual growth. It responds to the needs of the group each evening and consists of relaxation, sharing etc. ... (Training Available in Dublin by The Healing House) Support Group & Understanding Spiritual Growthin Dublin

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Course Offered by The Healing House, Alternatives:1 of 2 courses & classes

Diploma in Spirituality (Spiritual Direction) - Dublin

We believe there is a need for spiritual guidance in our society, for people willing to walk with others in their journey of faith. If you find yourself drawn to help others in their search for God or are a person others tend to confide in, training in spiritual direction might be for you.                     Training in spiritual direction has been offered in Manresa for almost 40 years and is currently given in the form of a two-year course consisting of seven weekends each year. Drawing on the insights of spirituality, psychology and scripture, this two year course will prepare you for the ministry of guiding others in their faith lives. This unique offering, with ongoing supervision and mentoring over two years, allows participants to develop and deepen their skills over time. Applicants who elect to do the course at Manresa are resident during each of the weekends and have the added opp ... (Training Available in Dublin by Manresa Jesuit Centre of Spirituality) Diploma in Spirituality (Spiritual Direction)in Dublin

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Course Offered by Manresa Jesuit Centre of Spirituality, Alternatives:1 of 2 courses & classes

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