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Internet Technology Online - Galway Premium

Know how to connect to the Internet, use and demonstrate the use of prominent Internet communications technologies.Understand how information is stored on the Internet and develop appropriate search strategies to retrieve information.Understand Web Browser technology and be capable of demonstrating how to add and display multimedia content in a Web page.Be capable of planning and designing a Web site which conforms to the principles of good design.Should have a knowledge of prominent emerging Internet Technologies and their potential impact on societyOn successful completion of this module the learner should: Aims of Course:A module from Bachelor of Business Degree Internet Technology Online Course contentConnecting to and communication over the Internet: (10%)Internet service providersTransport mediumSurfing concepts and techniquesE-mail, Communication in real time, Social Networking, Usenet, Internet etiquetteRetrieving Information from the Internet: (15%)Internet search strategies ... (Training Available in Galway by Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)) Internet Technology Onlinein Galway

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Course Offered by Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT), Alternatives:1 of 3 courses & classes

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typaz professional online - Galway Premium

typaz professional onlineCourse OutlineAn online touch typing course, typaz professional lets you learn to touch type with greater speed and accuracy at locations to suit you - our dedicated training centres, at work or home with full flexibility to suit your timetable. Over 10 keyboard lessons and more, we’ll train you to high proficiency. This touch typing course also carries the prestigious Pitman Training name - well worth having. Accuracy, speed, ergonomics and good technique are all on the menu, and the software is cleverly designed to adapt to your individual learning path. Your workbook, which accompanies your touch typing lessons is yours to keep at the end of your course. You'll be ideally placed to move on to our Effective Business Communication or Microsoft Office courses. Pitman Training also offers some of the most highly respected secretarial diplomas anywhere – so if you really want to enhance your career prospects and earning potential, why not consider one ... (Training Available in Galway by Pitman Training Galway) typaz professional onlinein Galway

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Course Offered by Pitman Training Galway, Alternatives:1 of 3 courses & classes

Online Courses - Galway

E-learning from EssentialSkillzE-learning from EssentialSkillz(Training Available in Galway by EssentialSkillz) Online Coursesin Galway

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Course Offered by EssentialSkillz, Alternatives:1 of 3 courses & classes

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