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Performance Measurement & Benchmarking to Drive up Organisational Performance - Belfast Pro

Performance Measurement & Benchmarking to Drive up Organisational Performance This course will provide participants with an understanding that good performance measurement is a vital capability for organisations who are striving to raise their performance in a tough economic climate. Without it success will be down to luck rather than design. However, good performance measurement is not about measuring everything that is going on. The measures that matter are those that pinpoint the critical success factors for customers and stakeholders and show how well the organisation is doing at fulfilling those requirements. If things are not going well they will show why the right things are not happening and what to do about it. Details Presenter: Develin & PartnersCPD Hours: 7Cost: €385.00 (£335.07) Discount available for Chartered Accountants Ireland Members - log in to avail of this. Training tickets can be used for this course. Upcoming DatesStartFinishLocationSelected ... (Training Available in Belfast by Chartered Accountants Ireland) Performance Measurement & Benchmarking to Drive up Organisational Performancein Belfast

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