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Word Processing - Kildare

AimsThis module is designed to enable learners to develop their word processing skills, understanding and application of word processing software and file management techniques.Areas of StudyUnit 1 Application ManagementLearners should be able to: access a word processing packagecreate folders and subfolderscopy files and foldersrename filesaccess file details e.g. size, type, date last modifiedfind a file using the search facilityidentify file types e.g. txt, rtf, gif, htmlexit from a word processing packageUnit 2 Text ProcessingLearners should be able to: create documentsinput textedit documents e.g. insert, delete, copyapply various font effects e.g. type, size, superscript, small capsenhance text e.g. bold, underscore, colouruse a range of line spacingsindent text and paragraphsset appropriate marginsalign text e.g. left, centre, justifycreate and apply stylesuse a range of proofing tools e.g. spell check, thesaurus, search and replaceuse the help facilityapply borders and shadinga ... (Training Available in Kildare by Leinster Institute Of Further Education) Word Processingin Kildare

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