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Deciding on that next step in your education is a huge and exciting challenge. There are many factors, both personal and academic, that have to be taken into account. Many different types of institutions now offer third-level education and training opportunities. Awards are made at different levels such as Higher Certificate, Ordinary Bachelor Degree, Honours Bachelor Degree and Post-graduate Degree. The variety of courses, institutions and awards available over such a huge spectrum of subjects makes for some difficult choices. Of course, the huge advantage offered by this choice is that it means that there’s a course out there to suit your needs, aptitudes and interests! It also makes it possible to continue third level education without a break to Degree level or to go to work after completing for example a Higher Certificate course. The modular system, which allows for an accumulation of credits, facilitates part-time learning, this means you can adapt your education to suit your circumstances.

Blanchardstown is a thriving and expanding community. ITB is playing a big part in this development, and we are proud to do so. On behalf of all the staff and governing body, I would be delighted to welcome you to the campus and I hope you will be taking your next step in education here at ITB.

Main Course Topics from Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB) in Dublin:

engineering, applied social studies, apprenticeships & trades, sports management and coaching, computing, postgraduate courses, creative digital media, horticulture, languages, business, social and community development, early childhood care & education

Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB), Dublin
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