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In January 2006, IFA implemented a radical overhaul of the organisation's structures and procedures. The aim is best equip the fifty year-old Association for the challenges of the next ten to fifteen years. The changes create a more effective, efficient and businesslike organisation, and strengthen our ability to deliver results for farmers in the years ahead. The new structures and procedures incorporate most of the recommendations proposed by the independent consultant Michael Dowling in his report, Preparing for New Challenges, after extensive consultations throughout the organisation. The comprehensive review of the organisation had been initiated by former President John Dillon and was concluded by him in February 2005. The new arrangements build on IFA's vitally important voluntary resources, streamlining our structures and closely integrating the leadership at county and national level, to drive the Association forward. In addition, a new improved system of branch voting was introduced for the IFA National Elections in December 2005 to elect the President and other national officers. The new voting system was widely regarded as a great success, encouraging a record turnout at branch meetings in the poll, which saw Padraig Walshe elected as the twelfth President of NFA/IFA.
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